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Mnemosyne OVA episode 2 is out! Here’s a toast to more blood, gore and sex + yuri ^^;

March 3, 2008

Blood…Check. Gore…Check. Nudity…Check. Violence…Check.

Yuri…Check. Sex…Check.

Wow, Mnemosyne ep 2 certainly does not let up on all the elements seen in ep 1, and ups the ante even further by introducing more blood, more gore, and more nudity. Coupled with the additional sex scenes and blatant yuri, wow they are certainly pushing the barrier.

This anime kinda reminds me of Ninja Scroll in its execution…in the sense that blood and sex does not seem to be a problem.

In any case, ep 2 takes place 1 year later, and Rin and Maeno are investigating a case of a missing person. Apparently he has turned into a so-called “angel”, which is basically a winged beast. This happens when the mysterious floating stuff enters a male body. If it enters a female, they become immortal. Hence Rin has to stop this angel. However, the catch is that immortal females are weak to the charm of angels. =p

Along the way, we also find out that Mimi is immortal too, Maeno can see the mysterious floating stuff, and Rin can regenerate herself just fine even if she gets blown to smithereens (though it’s a nasty process of cuz). And for yuri fans, you not only have a kiss, there’s a bed scene too. And on top of that, there’s a maid outfit, lol.

Here’s some screenshots…






What a packed episode. It’s starting to grow on me. Episode 3 can’t come sooner.