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Hentai on Animax! Unbelievable? Believe it.

February 20, 2008

I was bored and surfing around today, when for no apparent reason, entered a search for “Animax” on youtube.

And lo and behold, something caught my eye.


which was accompanied by the following youtube tags:

[ lollipop animax anime asian school girls hentai lolicon sex hot porn porno xxx ] Huh? Huh?

As most definitely, my curiosity was piqued. So I clicked on the video, and was brought to a screen where I had to sign up to view the video, saying that it contains content viewable for above 18s only. >_>

And the video is as follows.


o_o wow. Animax grows up. It’s more Eromax, lol. ^^

If you do not already know, Animax ( is the cable channel broadcasting anime straight from Japan 24/7.

I guess it can be considered my dream channel and one of the perfectly legal ways in which to get your weekly anime fix… since it airs anime and anime only.

But while watching the channel, I always had the impression it was very clean and sanitized….so seeing ecchi on it…なんかへんね。。。

And obviously, I had to dig further, and here’s what Wikipedia had to say.

“Animax Latin America announced a renewal in its image and projection from August 2007, as well as the premiere of a new programming block (named Lollipop) where adult-oriented series will be destinated to, including hentai (beginning with Immoral Sisters).

Wow, they are really showing Hentai on Animax. But alas, it was for Animax Latin America, and not here in Asia.

Which does made sense when you think of it. It would like something fantastically out of the ordinary if they can show Hentai.

It’s just not possible, not now, not later, not forever. period. Especially here in conservative Asia.I can imagine all the parents would immediately create a huge uproar.

But anyway, Animax Lollipop was some interesting discovery for me today.


And since I’m hovering close to the topic of legitimate anime watching, I would like to say that for your legal anime fix in Singapore, either import the R1 or R2 DVDs, or watch anime on TV, with Arts Central and Animax both offering a good line-up.

But never, never, never, ever, ever, ever buy anything from Xedo, if you consider yourself a fan.

(I just had to say it; they’re been bashed to death, so one more bash to seal the coffin.)

R.I.P Xedo. *evil laugh*