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Kung Fu Dunk – It’s not a Slam Dunk but it’s surprisingly enjoyable

February 21, 2008


For a movie starring mega-superstar Jay Chou, and billed as the most expensive Taiwan movie to date, my expectations certainly were very high when I sat down to catch the movie today…mostly because I’m a huge fan of Slam Dunk and Takehiko Inoue, and was hoping this would be a worthy live-action to the legendary classic.

And well…let’s just say although it certainly didn’t live up to (my perhaps unrealistic) expectations, it was certainly a enjoyable movie. I was very impressed by how they managed to weave some absolutely jaw-droppingly ridiculous scenes and ludicrous characters into what is a relatively fast-paced and palatable 100 mins. Great job. ^^ If Kung Fu Dunk was an animated feature, it would probably not veer too far from this.

Anyway, this movie’s top draw is Jay Chou, and the director is smart enough to milk him for what’s he’s worth. This is Jay Chou’s vehicle, and any fans of him would get more than their money worth. You get to see Jay acting cute, acting dumb, acting cool, basically, acting Jay, with his requisite three claps.

But giving credit where credit is due, Jay Chou did well. *clap, clap, clap* :p

Any lesser star or better actor would fail spectacularly, but his mysterious X-factor and inherent kooky yet cool demeanor just seem to fit perfectly here. The plot and all was forgettable, but Jay saves the day.

And the best part of the movie for me? It was identifying all the similarities it had with Slam Dunk.

slam dunk

If I had 5 cents everytime I spotted a similarity, I would be a dollarnaire. ^^

The similarity that won it all…Jay smacks his head against the board! which is so reminiscent of Sakuragi, that I couldn’t help but grin like an idiot in the cinema. 🙂

All-in-all, it was quite enjoyable, and I didn’t feel I wasted my $8.

Although after the movie, I had this irresistible urge to go revisit my beloved Slam Dunk manga and anime again. XD


L Change the World Movie Gala Premiere Screening

February 13, 2008

I had the opportunity to attend the Singapore gala premiere of the Death Note spin-off movie, L Change the World, held at GV Vivocity today evening (Feb 13).

For a gala premiere, there wasn’t much fanfare, although I heard there was a cute young boy cosplaying as L though (A pity I missed a sighting of him). But they did gave a neat movie notecard though. Front and back picture below.

L change the World movie notecard - frontL change the world Movie Notecard - Back

The setting is immediately prior to L’s death, and let’s just say that the writers gave L the unenviable task of saving the world from a fatal contagious virus in his last 23 days. Along the way, he manages to pick up a mute boy and a young girl while attempting to prevent the spread of the virus.

With the standard stereotypical villians, requisite special effects and typical comic relief, let’s just say the movie will certainly tank if the plot is the main draw…and fortunately, it’s not.

There is only one reason to watch this movie… and it is the titular character L, the genius detective played to perfection by Kenichi Matsuyama.

Kenichi Matsuyamal_03

The irrepressible L is quirky, brilliant and just absolutely candylicious here – affirming his status as one of the hottest characters in the entire Death Note series.

For fans of L, you not only get to see L’s lighter, gentler as well as comic side, the writers even threw in a few action scenes (fanservice ^o~) which L performs to admirable aplomb too. The natural chemistry L has with his two other young leads gives their bonding and subsequent parting a real bittersweet experience.


Which made me quite sad at the end of the movie, as it meant no more L. Suffice to say I am now officially an L fan. ^^

For people undecided on catching this movie, do give it a shot if you’re looking for some light-hearted fun. Go in with no expectations and you won’t be disappointed. For fans of L, you will *love* this movie.

Just a word of caution for anyone bringing a young kid, there are some bloody scenes, mostly of people dying after they were infected with the virus.

All in all, I was glad to catch L change the world…and have another excuse to revisit the manga again. ^^

P.S. i hope they release for sale the metal tumbler with the numerous L logos which L has at his desk. とてもほしいよ