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Bought! Fate/Stay Night ~ Alter Saber and Irisviel pack from Wonderfest ‘07

March 27, 2008

saber wonderfest 1

It is going to arrive tomorrow! *_*

After a long search and buy process (with plenty of money burnt -_-), I am finally in possession of the exclusive Alter Saber and Irisviel pack from Wonderfst ’07!

To come soon, pictures of this beauty! 😀


Hatsune Miku + Carameldansen + Nendoroid = Cuteness Overkill

March 22, 2008

If you don’t know Carameldansen (Caramel Dancing), you must be an anime fan living under a pebble.

If you don’t know Hatsune Miku, you must be an anime fan living under a rock.

If you don’t know Nendoroid, you must be an anime fan living under a boulder.


No kidding, these must be the three newest fads in anime fandom. And when you combine the three (Carameldansen + Hatsune Miku + Nendoriod) together, and throw in a fan with plenty of time and brilliance at creating animation, you get this vid below.

This must be one of the the cutest vid (called “Kurutto, Odotte, Hatsune Miku”) I have ever seen. Don’t let the slow song fool you, it gets better as it goes along, and the best part is right at the end. I almost died from the cuteness overload… ^^;;

I salute the creator for his effort, time and dedication to do it, as it must have taken a hell of a time.

Even the hand actions of Miku (and the rest of her cast) look amazingly real. It’s really one heck of an animation, one of the best Miku video ever. I wish I could create something like this.

Bonus points for using nendoroids too. They look outrageously cute animated. It’s so tempting to get the Miku GSC Nendoroid now… -.-

For the uninitiated, the original Carameldansen video + Original Hatsune Miku Leek Video.

Original Carameldansen Video:

Original Hatsune Miku Leek Video:

Love the songs. Love the leek even more. =p


Fate/Stay Night ~ Saber and Irisviel pack by Alter from Wonderfest ’07 + Cute Nendoroid!!

February 24, 2008

While casually browsing online for anime figures today, I saw this:

saber wonderfest 1

OMG! I want it!

saber LE 2

It just looks cool, period. And Irisviel is gorgeous as well.

So imagine when I found out it was a limited edition item from Wonderfest 07, with only 5000 sets produced…

azumanga speechless

I was seriously kicking myself for living under a rock the past year…

It’s probably going to cost a bomb now. I can only blame myself for not noticing this sooner . >_<

My wallet’s gonna bleed again, but it would definitely make a really nice addition to another Fate/Stay Night Saber figure I’m planning on purchasing.

saber tux 1

This is a really cool Fate/Zero figure (thankfully not a limited run edition) by Max Factory featuring Saber in yet another black tuxedo, looking mightily suave and spiffy.*^^*

While I’m at it, maybe I’ll try snagging the exclusive Wonderfest 07 Saber Nendoroid as well.

saber nendoroid 1saber nendoroid 2

It definitely looks way better than the other mass markets Saber nendoroids. ^^

There are always two sides of a coin, and this is most definitely one of the *Ugliest* Saber figures I have ever seen.

ugly saber

Yuck. Where is her charm??

And not to end this unpleasantly, here’s a Fate Stay Night Set that is 100% candy. The whole gang, at the beach, no less. :p

FSN beach figure

And lastly, this…

saber black tie

would be a delectable Saber figure too. 😉 *Hint Hint, Alter*