Aya Hirano wins best lead actress at 2nd seiyuu awards

What is her win not a surprise? ^^;;

Given the huge popularity of her two major roles as Haruhi and as Konata (some seiyuus don’t even play one such character ever in their entire careers, let alone two), it’s a surprise if she does not win the award.

haruhi chibi 1

I was really happy that “Motteke! Sailor Fuku” won the best singing award though… (again Aya Hirano). That was one really catchy song. Love the Hatsune Miko version too. Hilarious.

But where, where , where are all the famous seiyuus??

Aka Notou Mamiko, Ayako Kawasumi, Megumi Hayashibara, Mitsuishi Kotono, etc etc…. at least give a veteran or lifetime achievement awards…

If anyone from the Seiyuu Awards is reading this, please include them for next year’s awards. ^^

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One Comment on “Aya Hirano wins best lead actress at 2nd seiyuu awards”

  1. desangel Says:

    As expected of Aya Hirano….she’s one of the seiyuu’s that i like most .and yeah i would like to affiliate with your blog if u dun mind….do check out my blog at http://www.desangel.wordpress.com

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