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Bought! Fate/Stay Night ~ Alter Saber and Irisviel pack from Wonderfest ‘07

March 27, 2008

saber wonderfest 1

It is going to arrive tomorrow! *_*

After a long search and buy process (with plenty of money burnt -_-), I am finally in possession of the exclusive Alter Saber and Irisviel pack from Wonderfst ’07!

To come soon, pictures of this beauty! 😀


Hatsune Miku + Carameldansen + Nendoroid = Cuteness Overkill

March 22, 2008

If you don’t know Carameldansen (Caramel Dancing), you must be an anime fan living under a pebble.

If you don’t know Hatsune Miku, you must be an anime fan living under a rock.

If you don’t know Nendoroid, you must be an anime fan living under a boulder.


No kidding, these must be the three newest fads in anime fandom. And when you combine the three (Carameldansen + Hatsune Miku + Nendoriod) together, and throw in a fan with plenty of time and brilliance at creating animation, you get this vid below.

This must be one of the the cutest vid (called “Kurutto, Odotte, Hatsune Miku”) I have ever seen. Don’t let the slow song fool you, it gets better as it goes along, and the best part is right at the end. I almost died from the cuteness overload… ^^;;

I salute the creator for his effort, time and dedication to do it, as it must have taken a hell of a time.

Even the hand actions of Miku (and the rest of her cast) look amazingly real. It’s really one heck of an animation, one of the best Miku video ever. I wish I could create something like this.

Bonus points for using nendoroids too. They look outrageously cute animated. It’s so tempting to get the Miku GSC Nendoroid now… -.-

For the uninitiated, the original Carameldansen video + Original Hatsune Miku Leek Video.

Original Carameldansen Video:

Original Hatsune Miku Leek Video:

Love the songs. Love the leek even more. =p


Free 2008 Anime Calendar and Schedule Planner – Part 3 Aug to Dec

March 20, 2008

The rest of the calendar… =)



calendar2008oct October



Free 2008 Anime Calendar and Schedule Planner – Part 2 April to July

March 17, 2008

And here’s part two, from April to July. =)





Free 2008 Anime Calendar and Schedule Planner – Part 1 Jan to March

March 16, 2008

This 2008 anime calendar/schedule planner came free with a magazine I bought, and it looks good, so here it is for you all. =)

I’ll be scanning it in parts, with Jan to March first, so watch for the months to follow soon.

calendar2008nio bio



*Note, calendar is not in English though…

Aya Hirano wins best lead actress at 2nd seiyuu awards

March 10, 2008

What is her win not a surprise? ^^;;

Given the huge popularity of her two major roles as Haruhi and as Konata (some seiyuus don’t even play one such character ever in their entire careers, let alone two), it’s a surprise if she does not win the award.

haruhi chibi 1

I was really happy that “Motteke! Sailor Fuku” won the best singing award though… (again Aya Hirano). That was one really catchy song. Love the Hatsune Miko version too. Hilarious.

But where, where , where are all the famous seiyuus??

Aka Notou Mamiko, Ayako Kawasumi, Megumi Hayashibara, Mitsuishi Kotono, etc etc…. at least give a veteran or lifetime achievement awards…

If anyone from the Seiyuu Awards is reading this, please include them for next year’s awards. ^^

Another awesome anime bento – this time of Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro

March 8, 2008

Another yummy-licious anime bento. It must be so blissful to have bentos that looks as cute as this everyday for lunch.