New Season of Slayers Announced! The return of Lina Inverse!

I thought I was seeing things when I saw the headline on ANN today.

“New Slayers Fantasy TV Anime Series in the Works”

But upon further reading, it’s true! And there is not only going to be one, but TWO new seasons of Slayers!! It’s confirmed, alright! *(^_^)/*

What is most definitely confirmed is there will be an anime-exclusive story, which is split across two seasons, and with the same director as the original anime. The official title and the cast have not been confirmed yet though, though J.C. Staff will be the studio animating it. *Awesome*

If you don’t know what Slayers is, you must be fairly new to anime. Because it is one of the greatest anime hits in the 90s, and was the series that propelled Hayashibara Megumi (She voices the main character Lina Inverse) to seiyuu lore.

slayers poster

The story behind Slayers is very simple. It is set in a medieval type world, and chronicles the adventures of a sorceress named Lina Inverse, and her ragtag bunch of companions accompanying her on her journey.

Though she may be a powerful sorcercess, she has two favourites – eating and money. Doesn’t sound very glamourous does it, lol. And it may seem a bit crude by today’s standards, but if you can overlook the 90s animation, it is extremely funny, and Lina’s amusing short-temper, self-deprecating humour and wit makes the series an absolute ball to watch.

Lina’s charming in an oddly cool way, and I have been an ardent fan ever since the first time I saw this series…which spans 3 TV season, 5 movies, 2 OVAs, and a gazillion other merchandise. Two of my most treasured Slayers possession is this Slayers encyclopedia and a figure of Lina (with Chibi Gourry to boot) below. They’re so rare and took me so much trouble to secure. But the joy I have received from all the Slayers series is priceless.^^

slayers encyclopedialina figure

When talking about Slayers, one person cannot be ignored and she is none other than the seiyuu queen of the 90s, Megumi Hayashibara. Some of you may be familiar with her as the voice of Ayanami Rei in Evangelion, Faye in Cowboy Bebop or more recently in Paprika, but she shot to fame with her voice for Lina.

megumi hayashibara 01

No disrespect to Mitsuishi Kotono, Kikuko Inoue and the others, but Megumi-sama ruled the 90s, and in Slayers, her voice brings out Lina’s personality perfectly. Plus, she also sings the main bulk of all the Slayers songs, together with Masami Okui (Okui also sang the awesome op and ed for Utena).

I LOVE all the songs, and would listen to them endlessly. Here’s the charming opening of the first season with Megumi and Okui singing together, and gives a pretty good idea how the slayers anime is like.

And here’s the opening for season two. Great song again!

I believe I wouldn’t enjoy Slayers as much as I did without Megumi-sama in it (And they better get her to voice Lina again! -_-) . Till today, I am still a fan of hers, and hope I can meet her one day… She was the one that started my seiyuu craze too. ^^;

Anyway, I am so so so looking forward to this series! A quick glance at the future anime line-up for next season throws up nothing promising, but now I have something, finally, to be really excited about. At least with the original director, there’s a higher possibility that it’ll retain the quirky and irreverent charm that made it great. =)

Chibi Lina Inverse 01

So my wishlist for things I want to see in the series:

– The return of the Dragon Slave!!! The signature spell of Lina and just too cool to be true. See youtube link below to view Lina casting the Dragon Slave. I used to memorize and recite the entire spell too, lol. You can recite it if you want too. šŸ˜‰

– Extended appearance of Luna Inverse, the almightly older sister of Lina. There are only two things Lina is afraid of, slugs and Luna, and it’s just wacky and funny when Lina’s terrified.

– Naga the serpent makes a special appearance. I’m not sure why the OVAs weren’t as popular as the animes, but I thought Naga was a excellent foil for Lina. Their chemistry was great (when they were working together), and if she made like a guest appearance, it would be just fantastic.

– More Lina, more Lina, more Lina!!! Anything is good, her training days in the magic school, etc etc…

Bring it on! ^o^

Lina Inverse 01

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2 Comments on “New Season of Slayers Announced! The return of Lina Inverse!”

  1. pinki Says:

    I’m so giddy every since my friend told me about the release!! I can’t wait!! XD

  2. pinki Says:

    I hope for the english dubbing they get lisa ortiz again, i think she did great. For once i actually didn’t mind the dub =D

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