Japanese otakus are seriously a freaky bunch…and please don’t call anime fans otakus.

After seeing the type of businesses that have sprung up recently to cater to the taste of Japanese otakus (and to suck their wallet dry of money), they must be a pretty pervert and subversive species.

Just check out this article on Danny Choo’s blog whereby you can pay to visit a mock-up version of a young girl and get her to play janken with you (at an additional cost of course.)


There’s a normal course, message course and deluxe course, and even a girls course for those into yuri.

It’s articles like this that seriously gives otakus a bad (and sick) image… and for an anime fan who just like anime (like yours truly), I’m also usually labelled as an otaku…which has since ceased to be amusing and instead become something of an annoyance. Can I hope that one day, anime fans are not called otakus, but just anime fans? Seems like that’s akin to telling a cow to stop mooing.


BUT at least otakus are into living girls…but not so the following guy who’s into plastic representations of girls.

This guy has like tons of sex dolls in his room. not one, not two, not three, but tons.

Hell, the story was carried by Reuters no less. He needs a mental therapist.



Guess there’s a reason why Japanese’s birth rate has been falling drastically.

Maybe Japan’s eroge and bishoujo game maker should take a leaf out of Edison’s Chen’s book…and release a game called “Tokimeki Edison”.

His scandal is truly an eroge game come to life.


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